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Club Repair

At Triangle Golf Complex, we offer full service grip repair that can overhaul your set of golf clubs and help you become a better player.

Equipment is often overlooked and we want you to feel comfortable with the clubs you are holding in your hands when that pressure shot is on the line. We have a fast turnaround on all our services to ensure you can be back in the game in no time. Most repairs can be completed on the same day or within 24hrs.

If your having trouble hitting to the right or left, let us check your lie angles. We have the Mitchell Machine that can bend the hosel to fit your impact postition correctly.

Services Offered

- Grip Installation
- Loft/Lie Adjustment
- Shaft Extensions / Contractions
- Re-Epoxy Clubheads

New club sales: We proudly offer custom club orders for hybr
ids, irons and putters from brands such as Mizuno, Callaway, Ping and TaylorMade. New Ping clubs will arrive Mid-February

Golf Ball Sales: Check our prices before you buy - we are ultra competitive. Pro-V1, Pro-V1X, Callaway Chrome Soft, Callaway Super Soft, and 15 Ball packs are in stock.

Golf Gloves/Bags, Tees: We carry a inventory of most golf items to make your game on top.

Grips:  Golf Pride  CP2 Pro, wrap     $10.00      Midsize  $10.50
                           Multicompound   $12.50       Midsize  $13.00
           TigerShark Superstroke Putter                           $26.00
           Winn         Dri-Tac                                            $ 9.00
           Lamkin      X-10                                                $ 7.50
Lie/Loft adjustment:                                                     $3.00 per club
Shaft Extension/reduction:                                            $3.00 per club
Re-epoxy Clubheads:                                                    $3.00 per club